Fine Art Calls and Competition
 Judges / Curating Panel

Marquis DeShawn
Artist / Curator / Educator

Director, Marquis DeShawn, GA - Marquis DeShawn is a artist, writing critically about art aesthetics and tattoo body art. Marquis' artistic practice is rooted in painting from imagination, and design and creation of body art.

Tyrone Trevon
Artist / Curator

Tyrone Trevon CEO, Body Paint Productions, FL - Tyrone Trevon grew up in Miami, Florida, and has always been interested in music and art. He began performing in Miami as a professional musician performing in coffee shops, gradually moving to the top performing venues in the area. Several years ago, he began designing body paint over the internet and is now judging artists' photography, paintings, drawings, and sculptures from all over the world through internet art contests.

Aditional panel of members
Artists / Curators

Additional artist and artistic experts from local body paint/tattoo establishments will take part in curator and judging activities to provide new conceptual reviews and comments. These additional members will rotate amongst different contests to offer a different point of view.